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Writing and talks

Articles and papers

Pointer, N., and Farndon, S. (2023). The Expert Edit: Teacher Development. Ambition Institute.

Pointer, N., and Farndon, S. (2023). Re-evaluating the role of deliberate practice in teacher development. Impact (17).

Pointer, N. (2019). Reconsidering the role of mock exams in school. Impact (12).


Pointer, N. (forthcoming). The Science of Learning. In: Learning to Teach Science in the Secondary School. London: Routledge.


ResearchEd 2024 – Unlocking the power of professional development: why your PD offer is your school improvement plan, and how to maximise its impact.

ResearchEd 2023 – Beyond Buzzwords: Unleashing the True Potential of Mechanisms for Transformative Professional Development.

ResearchEd 2022 – Why instructional coaching is not the solution to teacher education.

StepLab Conference 2022 – A mechanism-first approach to instructional coaching.

Festival of Education 2022 – Why deliberate practice is not the solution to teacher education.